Counting down

Last few days before Hallowe’en. I’ve still got a lot to do, the main thing being to get my text adventure game finished! It’ll be a bit of a squeeze but I’ll get it done. I’ve also got an article to finish, some editing to do for a client and a poem or two to write – not to mention a lantern to carve and a lot of TV and films to watch! Going to be a busy few days.

I’ve mainly been coding and walking today (still getting those steps in every day). Up early tomorrow to get started again!

Hallowe'en paraphernalia
Not an OOTD: my pumpkin is still uncarved, and Geth has put some boardgames on the table that we will probably be selling next year, including Fury of Dracula (the cover of which is now annoying me because I’ve only just noticed that despite the game’s title, Dracula actually looks really happy on the box artwork!).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Michael Land – The Smugglers’ Cave
Michael Land – The Scumm Bar (MI4)
Blancmange – Living On The Ceiling
Squeeze – Tempted
Duran Duran – Secret Oktober

Tabletop spookery

Today was mostly taken up with Hallowe’en boardgaming – Geth and I had some friends round and we played a couple of seasonally appropriate games that I’d been wanting to try for ages.

The first was Last Friday, which is a hidden movement game that…let’s say ‘pays homage’ to summer camp slasher movies such as Friday the 13th. In this regard, it has the same theme as Camp Grizzly, another favourite among my collection, though they’re very different games – Camp Grizzly is a simple and not-very-replayable Ameritrash game, and while it’s thematically brilliant (and hence will always have a place on the game shelves), Last Friday is so much more in-depth and long-lasting as a game.

The second game we played today was Ghostel, which is a nice short dice placement game where you control ghosts competing to scare off the most hotel guests! Very easy and fun.

After the boardgaming guests had gone, I started the annual Hallowe’en TV-watching traditions with a few ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episodes of The Simpsons. Looking forward to a few nights of this!

Not an OOTD: the Ghostel board. The plastic ghost pieces are so cute!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Duran Duran – 911 Is A Joke
Duran Duran – Secret Oktober
Duran Duran – White Lines