Retail therapy

I’ve been buying a lot of stuff the last few weeks.  At first it was all house stuff, but lately it’s been mostly treats for me.  New clothes for my almost-at-target figure!  New makeup for my new makeup storage unit!  New shoes (quite a lot of new shoes) for…uh, they’re not for anything in particular, I just love shoes.

I mentioned before that I always feel a bit guilty if I go on a spending spree, but I’ve found it difficult to resist these last few weeks.  It’s mainly because I’ve been carrying out a ruthless cull of my entire wardrobe and so the state of this particular collection is always on my mind at the moment.  Post-cull, the gaps in my wardrobe are far more apparent, and there are a few areas (underwear, jeans, skirts) where I genuinely do need to buy new things.

I’m not delusional enough to think that’s the case with the shoes, obviously.  But I did get rid of an awful lot in the cull, and shoes are pretty, and shoe shopping makes me feel better at the end of a difficult day.  I’m very aware that I’ll need to replace this habit with something less expensive soon.  Seeing as I can’t go back to binge-drinking now that I’m (sort of) healthy and slim, I imagine it’ll be baths, especially as the bath in our new house is so awesome.  I just have to hope I don’t develop a ‘luxury bathing products’ obsession instead, although in fairness it would be cheaper than shoes.  We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks.

A day off

After a stressful few weeks where Geth and I were anxiously waiting to find out when we could complete the purchase of our new house, we finally got a completion date on Thursday, and after a tough week at work, I thought it’d be nice to spend today relaxing before the chaos of the next week, which is going to involve packing up the rest of our stuff prior to moving day next weekend.  As such, I skipped parkrun this morning and had a nice lie-in and a bath instead (I had asked Geth to get me some bubble bath specially – the best that Sainsbury’s had to offer was Radox, but that’s still so much better than the hotel freebies I’d been using before!), then spent the afternoon chilling out with my favourite blogs and my Duran Duran playlist.  I feel so much better for it, too.  Back to the grind tomorrow…