New week

Doing much better today and have been productive. Working most of the day and then sorting out some donation bags for this week’s charity uplift. I’m having a fairly successful time of it with my de-hoarding at the moment – it’s an emotional process but I am getting rid of a lot! Since autumn began there seems to be a charity bag through the door once a week at the moment, which is great, and I’m putting four or five bags out every week for collection. It’s so much easier than taking it all to a charity shop myself, which is the most procrastinate-able task in the world (I’ve personally been procrastinating said task for about 20 years, which is partly where the problem lies).

No social run for me tonight as I’m still not feeling 100%, but I do feel much, much better and am looking forward to having a normal running weekend again from Friday (and, in the meantime, getting back to my focused strength training sessions).

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