Flying visit to Dublin in both senses! We flew out yesterday morning, enjoyed a wonderful Duran Duran gig in the north of the city (review to come soon) and flew back this morning (a lot later than intended but let’s not dwell on that). It was really strange at first to be on a plane again after four years, but it felt normal again very quickly. I’m finding that with a lot of things.

With yesterday’s flight, my record streak of time spent without leaving the UK came to a welcome end. My new record is 1,418 days: I did not leave the UK between arriving into Edinburgh from Toronto on 25th July 2018 and leaving Newcastle for Dublin on 12th June 2022. I do not wish to break this record again. While home is far and away my favourite place, there are lots of far-flung things in the world that are worth poking my nose out for.

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