A regular day

A nice normal day at home, including properly starting my GNR training! I’m doing three targeted sessions a week in this block, in addition to my rest day streak savers. All the runs on the plan have particular average paces I need to hit, which is a new thing for me – usually I just follow one that says ‘slow’, ‘easy’, ‘tempo’ etc. and go by feel. It went okay today so I’m quite excited about it. I also got back to my full-length strength training session now that I’m back home with all my equipment.

After work I was then able to get a good chunk of game-tweaking done. There’s only nine days until the deadline and I’ve still got a lot of testers’ transcripts to go through, so I’m really glad this week is fairly quiet and I can get on with it.

An even quieter day tomorrow 🙂

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