Approaching a week of endings

Two things to finish off this coming week:

  1. The marathon training plan
  2. The second draft of a game

The story part of the draft was finished today. Four days of polishing off and then the testers can have it while I concentrate on marathon weekend. Hopefully there won’t be anything major to change for draft three; by the time I’ve recovered from the marathon, there’ll only be a month left until the ParserComp deadline. (Normally my attitude would be ‘a month? I can make a whole game in a month!’ but I really don’t want to rush this one.)

The training plan, meanwhile, is more about eating and resting than running in this last week. I’ll do my short runs and strength training, but I will mostly be fuelling for next Sunday. I’m still veering between feeling almost confident and completely terrified, but such is marathoning.

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