We muddled through somehow!

It’s been another challenging week in our house – between our heavy loads of work/studying/running, the saga of my laptop replacement, dealing with Zombie Eye IV, and a bit of a shock yesterday when we received a letter telling us the company scheduled to do our front garden this year had gone bankrupt (resulting in us needing to find some way of getting our rather large deposit back), it has been extremely eventful and it feels like last weekend was months ago!

Other than a bit of admin relating to some of the above – and finding a parkrun near us that will actually be going ahead tomorrow morning – I expect I will be spending a lot of the weekend staring into space on the sofa. If I do find some energy from somewhere, I may try and get some of my less-taxing course modules done so that I’m not panicking so much at the end of February.

Tonight, though, I most definitely need a couple of hours of Not Doing Anything At AllTM!

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