parkrunday: Town Moor #514

Back on the Moor this morning for my slowest parkrun in years. My legs are still fairly unwilling to move and I’m taking close to forty minutes to get round at the moment. This isn’t just post-marathon stiffness – it’s been the case for a few weeks, and my daily foam rolling doesn’t seem to be improving things, so I’m going to try and book in for a sports massage as soon as I can.

It was really nice to be out though! Lots of people to chat to, and a few other London Marathon shirts to spot en route.

The bright orange of the London 2021 shirt made it easy to spot other London Marathoners! …or it would have done if the Kielder Marathon (also last weekend and a lot more local to Newcastle) hadn’t used the exact same colour for their 2021 shirts.

Back to Jesmond Dene for the monthly volunteering slot next week!

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