Phone Box Thursday: B7041, Drummore

Mum and Dad had spotted this phone box a while ago, and I was able to photograph it while visiting the Mull of Galloway at the weekend!

Red phone box
Red phone box, B7041, Drummore, 16th August 2021.

(Coordinates 54°66’26.3″N, 4°90’09.6″W.)

I like the accompanying Wonder Woman scarecrow! (Scarecrows are a big thing in the surrounding village; there are lots of them sitting on walls.)

This phone box doesn’t have a phone inside, though it does still have all the posters advising how to use cash etc. As such, we wondered if it had maybe been moved for decorative purposes at some point. However, the Street View image linked above (as ever, taken during the Google cars’ only ever visit to rural Scotland in 2009!) shows it in the same place, so it would have been the community box originally.

More from Scotland next week!

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