A few scattered running thoughts

I won’t lie – running has been a bit tough for the last few weeks. When I’m very busy and/or stressed in other areas of my life, I find that I feel lethargic and lacking in energy when I’m out on my runs, and my pace slows right down. It also doesn’t help that my body has been busy healing from my uveitis attack. Still, I’ve been getting out there every day and getting on with my daily run streak, even though I’m finding it frustrating and confusing that I can’t seem to manage faster than an 11:30-minute mile after doing 10-minute miles all the way through the Sunderland 10k three weeks ago.

Sunderland 10k
Powering towards the line at Sunderland. (Photo: AWOL Adventure.)

I’m also now marathon training, which does slow my general pace right down if I’m not careful. However, it’s only two weeks until parkrun starts again in England, and once Geth’s on his annual leave from work we’re going to try and get our Tuesday interval sessions going again, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some speedwork in to mitigate the sloth-like pace of my long runs.

I’ve also got plans for changing my running week around a bit and not loading all my big sessions into the weekend. However, that will have to be gradual, as I need other areas of my life to start playing ball first (and/or the sudden onset of an ability to get up at 5am, which is… unlikely). Still, once I’ve got it sorted, I think it’ll work really well! I’ll keep you posted.

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