Race Review: Virtual Edinburgh Half Marathon 2021

I don’t remember the last time I managed to post a race review on the same day as the race! I was getting a bit behind with them pre-pandemic…

This morning, Geth and I were up early for the Virtual Edinburgh Half Marathon. We could have done it at any time during the day, but we wanted to get the bulk of the run out of the way before the midday heat came in. For us, this was not a good weekend for the weather to decide it’s now summer!

Virtual Edinburgh Half Marathon 2021
Looking fresh and excited pre-race, which is not the case now!

Geth had requested a lapped course with as few road crossings as possible, so I mapped out a loop that had come to mind and found that six loops (plus some extra bits at the start and end) provided a pretty accurate half marathon distance. The loops felt fairly short in themselves, but having not done the distance for a while I did struggle towards the end! Part of it was the heat and not being fully recovered from my vaccine yet, but part of it was simply that I just hadn’t done long distances for a while. I’ll be building up again over the summer, so half distance will hopefully feel more comfortable again in a couple of months.

Today was just about getting round though, and we both did, so that was a win. Looking forward to the medal arriving in the post!

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