Saturday ’80s Photo: Cats Don’t Change

While I was very little in the ’80s and so didn’t pick my own outfits, the clothes I wore back then look unquestionably vintage from a modern perspective (see for example the unfortunate-looking snow suit from a couple of weeks ago). Children’s fashion changes just as adult fashion does, and so I rocked ’80s jumpers back in the day just as much as the grown-ups did. Even if mine were usually hand-knitted with cartoon characters on the front!

In this photo from September 1987 (apparently an interesting month for me, as well as the name of one of my favourite synthwave bands in the modern day), my outfit is beautifully of its time, as is the bin in the background of the photo (I don’t even remember the last time I saw a round metal bin like that in real life!). Animals, however, are timeless, and so these two cats in the photo – both the one I’m trying to befriend and the one by the bin in the background – look exactly as cats do today, even though they’re both almost certainly long gone from this world. (It is possible for cats to live to about my age, but very unusual!)

Cats, September 1987

I adore cats. Looks like I always have!

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