Christmassy weekend vibes

Another busy day. I got my day job work for the week finished – so barring any last-minute jobs next week, I’m clear for Christmas! – and finished off the coding for my game (just the graphics to implement now). Geth and I also went to Asda to do our last big Christmas shop. Because we’ll be forming a bubble with Mum and Dad for Christmas, we’re following the guidance to isolate between today and the 23rd, so no more shop visits until post-bubble.

I’ve been very good with my diet for the last few weeks, but Christmas eating sort of begins this weekend! I’d been having trouble finding fancy mince pies that didn’t have any alcohol in them, so I was delighted to see some salted caramel ones in Asda today. Looking forward to trying lots of different ones over the next few days.

I’ll be back with an update on Monday, and hopefully a link to my brand new Christmas game!

Tonight’s pizza – a treat to celebrate Geth’s Christmas holidays!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Pet Shop Boys – ‘Heart’

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