Phone Box Thursday: B7052, Whauphill

Here’s another phone box from Mum and Dad’s adventures in Dumfries and Galloway.

Red phone box
Red phone box, B7052, Whauphill, 14th September 2020.

(Coordinates 54°81’79.8″N, 4°48’55.4″W – roughly.)

Unfortunately the Google cars, on their one brief visit to rural Scotland in 2009, couldn’t be bothered to drive through Whauphill itself, so the Google Street View image above is as close as we can get. The phone box stands outside the village hall, the location of which is shown on this map – you can see it’s just around the corner from where the Street View coverage ends.

The phone box itself has been adopted by the local community, which is great as it means the box will stick around, though its purpose is so far unclear. Some clothes have been left in the box, so it may be being used as a donation point.

More from Scotland next week.

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