Phone Box Thursday: Les Jardins du Monde, Royan

Bill recently sent me this phone box photo from 2006. The phone box is in the grounds of the ‘Les Jardins du Monde’ attraction in Royan, France (and probably doesn’t have a phone inside, as Bill is using a ’00s Nokia in the picture 🙂 ).

Red phone box
Red phone box, Les Jardins du Monde, Royan, 7th August 2006.

(Coordinates 45°62’91.1″N, 1°01’41.2″E – Google Street View won’t let me inside the attraction, but you can see the entrance.)

Link to a full view of this box (reportedly) from Alamy Stock Photos.

While the traditionalist in me would prefer all red phone boxes to have remained in their original locations in the UK and been maintained by councils for the rest of eternity, it is nice that some of the unwanted ones are going to good homes in other countries and brightening up the tourist attractions there.

Back to the UK next week…

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