Plan comes together

Tuesday morning’s mile today…

…and for once I was up at a reasonable time, so the run was done and dusted before 9:30am and I was able to get on with my coding. I’m quite excited about the project I’ve been working on since the last Adventuron jam finished – it’s fairly contained, as it’s the opening chapter of what I hope will grow into a longer game, but there’s still a lot to code and test. However, it’s very nearly finished now, so I’m hoping to be able to put it through its paces tomorrow.

Just finishing my admin now and then I will squeeze in a couple of hours of Paper Mario before bed.

Same again tomorrow I hope! With possibly a slightly longer run, but possibly not. We’ll see.

Stuff to sort out
The study is an August project, as Geth has just gone on annual leave so he’ll be available to help me sort stuff out. The two neat rows of books are his (although to be fair it was me who put them away) – the piles of paper are mostly mine! They all need to be scanned and shredded so that I can keep the information digitally rather than having it cluttering up the house.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Depeche Mode – ‘Behind The Wheel’
Lisa Lougheed – ‘Run With Us’
Duran Duran – ‘Winter Marches On’
John Williams, Michael Land, Peter McConnell and Clint Bajakian – ‘Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis: Opening Theme’
Nintendo – ‘Toad Town’
DJ Fresh and Rita Ora – ‘Hot Right Now’

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