A slightly early weekend

One last mile for rest week today…

…as I’ll be doing my usual Saturday three-miler tomorrow, then I’ll see what I can manage on Sunday.

I was able to get the work I’d planned for today done last night, so I’m having an early start to the weekend today. The boiler technician came and did a straightforward check this morning, and Geth and I will be nipping to Asda in the car later, but other than that, it’s videogaming time! I’ve got a couple more jam entries to play this evening, and then the weekend will mostly be spent in the worlds of realMyst: Masterpiece Edition and Final Fantasy 1.

I’ll post a couple of running videos over the weekend, but otherwise I’ll be back on Monday as usual.

Geth has bought himself this nice colourful 2DS XL, meaning that if I want to play games on the big screen, he can work his way through the extensive 3DS game collection I’ve built up over the last six years!

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Proclaimers – ‘Misty Blue’

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