Start again

Another day, another mile…

…because I was busy today. Nearly done now though!

Mentally it’s not been a great day, but the best thing is to move on to tomorrow.

I finished Bravely Default last night. Then I played through and completed the new Thimbleweed Park mini-sequel, and then I finished 198X, which I’d started playing last August and not got round to completing until now. What game shall I play next? Probably not a Wii game… but anything’s possible.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Revo – ‘Sylvan Tranquillity’
Timecop1983 and Primo – ‘My DeLorean’
‘Korobeiniki’ (the Tetris theme music – Tetris 99 version)
Revo – ‘The Land Of Immortality’

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