Phone Box Thursday: A93, Crathie

Here’s another rural Scottish phone box from Mum and Dad’s travels.

Red phone box
Red phone box, A93, Crathie, 12th October 2019.

(Coordinates 57°03’99.3″N, 3°21’46.7″W.)

Stuff I learnt today: if you drop the wee Google Street View man onto the map around Crathie Kirk and Balmoral Castle, he turns into the Queen. Somehow I doubt she goes for walks along the A93!

(I wonder if it does the same for all of the Royal residences? I will resist checking, because I really don’t have that level of procrastination time available today.)

Anyway, this phone box is a lot better kept than most rural phone boxes in the UK. It’s super shiny and red, and there’s still an actual phone inside, which is unusual these days! Hopefully, this one is here to stay for some years yet.

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