Making the most of time

Just a mile today…

…because I wanted to get home quickly and get on with today’s projects. I’ve done a whole separate post about my current adventures in creating game graphics, which is my main focus this week. It’s a lot of fun but also takes a long time!

I find that my hobbies have sort of expanded to fill my current additional free time, and am starting to worry that once this lockdown is over, I’ll go back to feeling like I never have enough time for the things I love doing. One thing that I definitely need to do (and this has been a bit of a theme recently) is learn to let go of the things in life that I’m not enjoying but instead just doing out of obligation.

Tomorrow should be a really good day – I’ll be doing my special run for RED day 100, then a bit of day job work, and then Easter weekend can begin. It’ll be a fairly unusual Easter weekend given the circumstances, but I’m still looking forward to a few days relaxing and the occasional bit of chocolate.

Spring flowers
Today’s bit of garden progress: more spring flowers have appeared. Due to the current situation, I’m appreciating our garden a lot more than usual!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Takeru Kanazaki – ‘Fódlan Winds (Thunder)’
Glenn Miller – ‘In The Mood’
Adam & The Ants – ‘Prince Charming’
Cast of The Jungle Book – ‘I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)’
Michael Land – ‘The Swamp’

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