All the miles

I ended up doing eight miles this morning between running to parkrun, running parkrun, and running back. It was fairly tiring (haven’t done more than four or five miles in a day since the Great North Run in September), but it felt a lot easier than long runs usually do, seeing as it was broken up by parkrun. I wouldn’t do it every week, but it’s worth remembering if I’ve got a difficult long run coming up.

It’s just been a nice chilled day otherwise. Looking forward to some more videogaming time this evening and tomorrow!

Smashrun 'Solid Month' badge
Not an OOTD: I’m picking up Smashrun badges at a rate of knots at the moment, and today’s addition was the ‘Solid Month’ badge (30 miles in a calendar month). Not bad given that it’s only the 11th!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Lightwood Games – ‘Link-A-Pix Theme’
The Midnight – ‘America 2’
Thought Beings – ‘Echelon’
The Jackson 5 – ‘ABC’
Sidney Samson and Wizard Sleeve – ‘Riverside (Let’s Go)’

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