Booze Alternative: Sainsbury’s Fiery Ginger Beer

I wasn’t going to review this one, because it’s sugar free and hence a ‘diet’/syn-free drink (it comes in two-litre plastic bottles, like most branded fizzy drinks), so I wasn’t going to count it as a ‘special’ or ‘celebratory’ booze alternative. However, it’s so tasty that I have found myself choosing it over sugary versions of ginger beer, with the bonus that I can spend my syns on other things. Win-win!

Sainsbury's Fiery Ginger Beer
Sainsbury’s Fiery Ginger Beer.

It can be slightly cough/sneeze-inducing if I drink it too fast, but it’s a really nice-tasting ginger beer and has become my go-to for an evening drink.

2 thoughts to “Booze Alternative: Sainsbury’s Fiery Ginger Beer”

  1. It is great I have always found it sneezy, but last night when I drank it, I had quite a bad reaction and was coughing and spluttering for about an hour. This is particularly odd, because I eat a lot of ginger, usually raw, and never have a problem.
    Other brands of ginger beer don’t affect me in the same way.

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