Phone Box Thursday: A716, Ardwell

Here’s another phone box that Mum and Dad found in the south-west of Scotland. This one still works!

Red phone box
Red phone box, A716, Ardwell, 20th April 2019.

(Coordinates 54°76’95.2″N, 4°94’12.2″W.)

I’m not sure what the blue bit of rope is for, but on the whole this is a very nicely kept phone box. Interestingly, it doesn’t accept coins, only card payments:

Red phone box
Card payments only!

It also accepts BT Chargecards. I still have mine, though I’m probably one of the few remaining people in the UK who does! I’m not sure that Mum and Dad would appreciate me charging a phone call to their bill with my Chargecard nowadays.

It’s interesting that even this still-working phone box has been modernised in some respect though. I wonder how many are out there that still accept coins?

Update May 2023: now with added menu!

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