Music Video Monday: Vangelis: Chariots Of Fire

I’m still a bit too knackered from yesterday’s marathon to do a proper music video post today, but here’s that inspiring theme from Chariots Of Fire to enjoy:

I am a slow runner and there is no hope of me ever winning a race, but as I’ve mentioned before, I did once come last out of 4,000+ people. It was in the Great North 10k 2016, and when I finally limped onto the finishing straight at Gateshead Stadium, they broke out the Chariots Of Fire theme tune, inspiring me to an epic sprint finish along the track. It was the greatest moment of my running career.

The video is mainly clips from the film, but there are also some pleasing shots of Vangelis chain-smoking while fiddling with his synths. So ’80s.

More music videos next week.

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