New Hits Friday…uh, Saturday: 22nd February 2019

Three new hits in the chart this week.

Zedd and Katy Perry – 365

I like the tune and the backing track. It could do with a bit more of a hook though.

The video is a sad robot unrequited love story, but it’s very pretty.

D Block Europe – Kitchen Kings

It’s got an endearingly daft theme, but there’s not enough melody for me.

The video is all standing beside cars, smoking weed, and Gucci trainers, just like every other hip-hop video in 2019. I can’t tell these videos apart anymore!

Cardi B and Bruno Mars – Please Me

It sounds exactly like their previous collaboration, Finesse. While I do like the identical retro stylings on both tunes, I’m not impressed by the unoriginality!

There’s no video for this one yet.

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