New Hits Friday: 11th January 2019

A few new hits in today’s chart.

Lewis Capaldi – Grace

It’s a bit saccharine and slow for me, but it’s quite a nice tune.

The video is brilliant! It’s about Lewis Capaldi covering a job shift for his poledancer friend who’s got a bad knee. Not at all NSFW – it’s completely hilarious.

NSG and Tion Wayne – Options

The backing track’s quite nice and upbeat, with some retro-sounding lines, but the vocal’s pretty dull.

The video is a split-screen headache of dancing around in expensive cars and expensive trainers and ludicrously blingy watches.

Chris Brown – Undecided

Another classic song, in this case Shanice’s I Love Your Smile, ruined by a misplaced sample in a boring modern track. It’s just really bland and insipid.

The video at least has an actual story though, with Chris Brown breaking into an abandoned fairground where a ghost balloon takes him back to the past to dance with his (ex? dead?) girlfriend.

Headie One and Dave – 18 Hunna

It’s extremely repetitive, with no melody.

There’s some occasional nice arty touches in the black and white video, but on the whole it’s a bit brand-flashy and wealth-braggy for my liking.

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