Music Video Monday: recent chart catchup

A few videos from last year’s chart hits to catch up with today.

The Plug, Nafe Smallz, M Huncho and Gunna – Broken Homes

I mentioned this song in my giant New Hits catchup from late last year, but the video wasn’t out at that point. I found that it’s subsequently appeared online when I was trawling YouTube this morning.

It’s a fairly typical hip-hop video – urban setting, illicit substances, lots of bling – so it doesn’t really stand out among the many similar songs that have been in the charts lately. The baby doll on fire is probably the most visually interesting point, but I’m not really sure what it’s meant to represent.

XXXTentacion – Bad

Another one I mentioned on the giant catchup. I said then that I didn’t think there’d be a video made for this due to XXXTentacion’s death, but I spoke too soon – they’ve made an animated one!

I really like animated videos as they’re much more interesting than live action ones – live action videos can be very generic these days as they all tend to follow the familiar themes of their genre (urban settings and bling for hip-hop, random backpacking kids wandering around Thailand or Ibiza for EDM, bright colours and hundreds of costume changes for pop). The animation follows XXXTentacion wandering around a desolate landscape with lots of vines and water and other pretty visuals, and it’s all very arty and soothing.

Dappy and Ay Em – Oh My

This urban-set video is brightened up very nicely by all the squiggly neon animations that have been added to the edges of the buildings (very ’80s!), as well as the fact that they seem to have shot it on a rare sunny day!

More music videos next Monday.

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