2019 Pizzas #2: San Lorenzo Margherita con Bufala

As I’ve mentioned before, Geth and I went to a new (to us) Italian restaurant, San Lorenzo, on Sunday night. New Italian restaurant equals new pizza to try! There were various veggie options on the menu, but I went for a Margherita con Bufala.

San Lorenzo Margherita con Bufala
San Lorenzo Margherita con Bufala.

They also had a regular Margherita on the menu, but this one was advertised as having buffalo mozzarella in addition, so obviously I went for it. I love buffalo mozzarella. Unfortunately, the chef was a bit stingy with said buffalo mozzarella (this was a bit of a theme, as the caprese salad I had for a starter had barely any mozzarella on it as well) and so you couldn’t really taste any difference in the cheese, which was a bit disappointing.

The tomato pizza sauce was absolutely delicious, though!

Overall an okay restaurant pizza, but I think I’ll be trying a pasta dish next time I go there.

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