Lots of eating

Canada part three…


After our trip to the Bata Shoe Museum on the Tuesday, Mum and I went to Pogue Mahone for a drink.  Pogue Mahone used to be one of our family’s favourite bars for eating out in Toronto, as Geth had discovered it during his visiting fellowship at Trent University in 2010 and absolutely adored the chicken wings.  Unfortunately, it’s been taken over by new management, and when Geth went to eat there on the night he arrived, he was very disappointed to find that the chicken wings on the menu are now, in his words, ‘chicken McNuggets’.  As such, we never ate there this trip, but I did enjoy a couple of ciders there, which I will log soon.

In the evening, Mum, Dad, Malcolm and I ate out at Jack Astor’s.  Portions were huge, dessert was so rich I couldn’t finish it, and there were pots of crayons on the table, which meant I could indulge my inner artistic toddler:

Restaurant table scribblings
Bonus points if you can tell what it is.

…and Dad could indulge his not-so-inner mad scientist.

Physics equation scribblings
I’m the opposite of a physicist so I’ve no clue what these mean.

After the meal, we went back to the Holiday Inn bar to wait for Geth, who had been out for a meal with conference contacts.  I found I was getting really tired, and I would never quite adapt to Toronto time – which is why I’ve been quite surprised at the persistence of the jetlag on my return!

More from my Toronto holiday tomorrow.

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