I believe it was in New York City in 2004 that cheesecake became my favourite dessert.  This would make sense, as New York is of course famous for its cheesecake.  My brother Malcolm and I would go out at night to the street vendors that were selling it and bring it back to our hotel room.  Later that year, Dad found a recipe online, and for the last fourteen years he’s been able to make a pretty good New York style cheesecake himself.  I have it every year for my birthday.

Birthday cheesecake
My birthday cake from January 2017. The baking process usually results in a crack across the middle, but it always tastes amazing.

Probably the best non-New York style cheesecake I’ve tried is at Artisan Cheesecakes in Edinburgh:

Artisan Cheesecakes
So rich, so incredible.  We had these in June 2016.

I keep meaning to go back when I’m in Edinburgh but have not got round to it yet.  Being on Slimming World kind of gets in the way of being free to stuff your face with cheesecake, so I have to plan for it.  Maybe later this year.

I’ve got a lot of meals out to go to this week, so am sticking to my current strategy of ‘skip the starter so I can have cheesecake at the end’.  As such, I’ll probably have a cheesecake roundup for you next week.

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