Back to swimming…after some considerable time

I went swimming this morning.  In an actual swimming pool.

The reason this is notable is because the last time I swam at all was about five seconds of halfhearted bobbing up and down in the Mediterranean Sea in July 2015.  The last time I swam in a pool (or rather, managed to flounder about for about half a length of a ten-metre pool before my chest felt like it was going to explode) was January 2013, when Geth and I were in the Bahamas for our honeymoon.

I did manage a bit more than five metres today.  I managed six lengths of what we estimate is a twenty-metre pool, with breaks in between lengths, so a hundred and twenty metres in total.  It was still much harder than I expected it to be, given how much fitter I am these days with all the running.

I probably just need a bit more practice (I’ve never been that good at swimming).  Not that I’m going to get it any time soon – I barely have time for my running at the moment, let alone swimming as well!  I will try and make more use of pools when I’m in hotels though, so that I don’t end up leaving it for another five years.

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