Pre-race evenings in

One thing I’m really looking forward to about race season starting again is pre-race evenings in (the first one being tonight, given that the Sunderland 10k is tomorrow!).  Because we have to run optimally the next day, we can’t do anything fun or weekend-y like drinking alcohol or staying up late or leaving the house, so instead we watch ‘running TV’ (i.e. road running, athletics and triathlon events I’ve recorded off the TV) and running films (Run Fatboy Run is Geth’s favourite, Chariots Of Fire is mine).  Then we get a nice early night.  Rock ‘n’ roll!

Then the following evening, after the race, we do it all again, except this time with booze and takeaway.  I think I’m looking forward to that more, to be honest.

Tonight’s viewing will be the Great Birmingham 10k that I recorded off the TV last Sunday, followed by Chariots of Fire (we’ve watched Run Fatboy Run the last few times, so it’s time for a change).  I should probably see about procuring some different running films, though, as we’ve got a lot of races coming up this year!

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