2018 Ciders #23: Thistly Cross Original

My parents brought some more Thistly Cross down for me last weekend, meaning I have some new flavours to log.

Thistly Cross Original
Thistly Cross Original.

Thistly Cross Original is the earliest (obviously) and strongest of the Thistly Cross varieties.  I first discovered it when it was the only variety of Thistly Cross you could get – back when Geth and I still lived in Edinburgh, there was a wee shop across the street from us called Nina’s that always sold interesting beer and cider.  Geth would always pick up Polish beer – Tyskie and Zywiec – and I would grab the Thistly Cross, which they usually had in stock.  It’s 6.2% vol, so it does knock you out a bit if you have too many at once, but it’s very tasty – the taste is similar to the Traditional variety, but more strongly alcoholic, as you might expect.

I don’t often drink this one nowadays – I usually have the lighter varieties – but it is nice occasionally.

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