Goodbye old house

By the time you read this, Geth and I will be (finally!) fully moved into our new place, with all of our stuff, and will have gone to the letting agency to hand back the keys to the old house.

Partial solar eclipse
A picture I took of the solar eclipse on 20th March 2015, the first morning we woke up in this house. I remember standing in the front doorway to watch the eclipse.

The chaos of moving the last lot of stuff (still ongoing as I write this) will be over, and I will be firmly focused on the future.  I wrote a 2,000-word document the other night detailing my plans for the new house, and though it will be a lot of work, I am starting to get really excited about it.

I am sad to leave the old place.  It was the first actual house I’d ever lived in (I’d always been in flats previously), and I will miss its spacious Victorian rooms (if not the cleaning that went along with it).  But I know that within a few months, I’ll be fully used to the new place, and will see it as my home and workplace.

I do wonder how long it will take us to stop automatically heading back to our old house when we’ve had a few pints in the pub, though.

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