Vintage fair haul: Vintage Clothing Sale at Northumbria SU

I went to my first vintage fair of 2018 today (and definitely not the last – there are another six coming up within the next month alone.  Good thing vintage stuff can be so cheap!)  Today’s fair was a small event held at the Northumbria student union, put on by Headlock Vintage.  I was itching to get going with the vintage shopping this year, especially as I’ve been wanting to get some more interesting patterns into my mostly-solid-black wardrobe (the goth is still strong with this one).

Vintage clothing purchases
My new-to-me purchases from today. The material of the middle garment is making me think I should probably get round to buying an iron at some point.

The three things I ended up buying were light summer garments.  I think this is my not-so-subconscious telling me I’m getting fed up of winter now.  The black and white diamond material and the pink and black material are both capri trousers; the floral material is a dress.  All black backgrounds, I know, but I think I’ve been successful with the ‘interesting patterns’ thing.

When I went up to pay, I also got a voucher for 20% off on the Headlock Vintage website, which was a nice bonus!  I went home and promptly used it to grab myself a nice top.  A blue top, without a hint of black.  I am branching out, sort of.

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