Always out and about

I’ve not had a lot of time for running over the last couple of weeks, but for the last few days, I’ve certainly been getting my daily step goal met! I doubled it between yesterday’s parkrun and dancing to Adam Ant last night, and tonight Geth and I were back at the Sage Gateshead to see Shakespear’s Sister – a slightly more sedate gig but still a very enjoyable one! I also managed to fit in a vintage fair trip today, which was fairly successful.

I had originally planned to go to Manchester tomorrow to see a talk at the Central Library, but given that I’ve had zero time for NaNoWriMo the last few days, it’s sadly looking unlikely. I think I’ll be having a quiet day with my project (and my text adventure updates) instead!

Judy's Vintage Fair hand stamp
Not an OOTD: it’s a bit faded now, but I do like the hand stamp you get at Judy’s Vintage Fairs.

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Midnight – Shadows In The City
Adam & The Ants – Antmusic
Kygo and Whitney Houston – Higher Love
The Knack – My Sharona
Shakespear’s Sister – Stay

Hallowe’en is almost upon us!

Just got off the treadmill, having done my nightly ninety minutes to get my steps in. It’s a good thing I decided to set my daily step goal as an October target, because I’ve been so busy with my text adventure this week that I doubt I’d have got any exercise in otherwise! Didn’t even make it to ukulele class this evening, although I will be back with a vengeance next week.

Eight and a half hours to go until the jam deadline – and I expect I’ll be up for quite a few of those hours getting everything finished off!

Busy day tomorrow too…

Pixel lantern
Not an OOTD: I’m still loving making my pixel turnip lanterns! Much easier to make on the computer than hollowing out the real thing…

Today’s earworm playlist:

Michael Land – Lucre Island Lawyers
Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
Fleetwood Mac – Big Love
Duran Duran – First Impression
Michael Land – The First Church Of LeChuck…Orthodox
Duran Duran – 911 Is A Joke

Counting down

Last few days before Hallowe’en. I’ve still got a lot to do, the main thing being to get my text adventure game finished! It’ll be a bit of a squeeze but I’ll get it done. I’ve also got an article to finish, some editing to do for a client and a poem or two to write – not to mention a lantern to carve and a lot of TV and films to watch! Going to be a busy few days.

I’ve mainly been coding and walking today (still getting those steps in every day). Up early tomorrow to get started again!

Hallowe'en paraphernalia
Not an OOTD: my pumpkin is still uncarved, and Geth has put some boardgames on the table that we will probably be selling next year, including Fury of Dracula (the cover of which is now annoying me because I’ve only just noticed that despite the game’s title, Dracula actually looks really happy on the box artwork!).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Michael Land – The Smugglers’ Cave
Michael Land – The Scumm Bar (MI4)
Blancmange – Living On The Ceiling
Squeeze – Tempted
Duran Duran – Secret Oktober


I’ve had a day in the house today (meaning a treadmill walk this evening to get my steps in!). I’ve mainly been working on my text adventure – the end is in sight in terms of the actual programming, but I’ve still got quite a lot of graphics to create.

I’ve also spent a bit more time looking into job opportunities. There’s a few different things I could do and I’m going to spend a bit more time researching them this weekend.

Looking forward to having another go at Jesmond Dene parkrun tomorrow morning!

Pixel turnip lanterns
Not an OOTD: some more pixel details, this time of turnip lanterns.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Jon & Vangelis – I’ll Find My Way Home
Michael Land – Inside The Governor’s Mansion
Squeeze – Up The Junction
Duran Duran – Secret Oktober

Onwards to tomorrow

I had a good walk this morning, but otherwise it’s been a bit of a frustrating day as I’ve not been able to concentrate or get everything done. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more with-it tomorrow.

I’m tentatively jobhunting at the moment, as business has been slow recently and some additional financial commitments mean that I really need to find some extra work. Will be sending out a lot of applications this weekend.

Jars of pesto
Not an OOTD: on the plus side, at least my pesto stocks are looking healthy.

Today’s earworm playlist:

New Order – Temptation
Gomez – Whippin’ Piccadilly
Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett – The Monster Mash
John Lennon – Woman

Autumn walks

I had another good few hours working on my text adventure today, and then went out for a nice long mid-afternoon walk (I’m getting a bit sick of having to use the treadmill in the evening to get my steps in!).

I’ve also been working on my poems for tomorrow’s poetry night. One of them relates to my adventure game, so I’m interested to see what the reception is.

Will report on how it went in tomorrow’s blog!

Walking through autumn leaves
Sort of an OOTD: Reebok Freestyles and one of my transitional season trenchcoats for a nice crisp autumn day. Love kicking through the leaves!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Michael Land – The Barbery Coast
The Sugarhill Gang – Apache
Fascinating Aida – Cheap Flights
Jon & Vangelis – I’ll Find My Way Home
Michael Land – LeChuck’s Treasure Hold
Squeeze – Tempted
Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett – The Monster Mash

Pixel hunting

I’ve had a good day working on my text adventure today. I’m starting to create the graphics now, which is really relaxing! I’m not really any good at drawing but I’m enjoying making my wee pixel pictures.

Now catching up with a few episodes of Strictly and am about to get my steps in with a quick walk on the treadmill.

Pixel vampire bat
Not an OOTD: it looks a bit odd as I had to take a picture of the screen (the pixel art is too small to post online!), but here’s a vampire bat I made for a minigame that takes place within the main game!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Michael Land – The Brimstone Beach Club
The Sugarhill Gang – Apache

Treading heavily

A full day working on my game today. Back on the treadmill again in the evening too!

I’m trying out a new (to me) parkrun tomorrow morning, and then going to a gig in the evening. Sunday will be spent working on my game again. Should be a good weekend 🙂

Old running shoes
Sort of an OOTD: my old running shoes have briefly come out of retirement for my treadmill runs/walks! I find they hurt my feet now, though, so I’m going to get some new ones specially for the treadmill.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Wham! – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
John Parr – St. Elmo’s Fire (Man In Motion)
Abba – Super Trouper
The Proclaimers – Misty Blue

Still plugging away

Another good day getting on with my text adventure, then I headed out to ukulele class. The tunes we’re doing at the moment are fun but challenging, and as I’ve said before I feel like I’m at the right level in the intermediate class.

Hoping for another good loss at Slimming World tomorrow as I’ve been on the treadmill a lot this week!

Christmas catalogue 2019
Not an OOTD: the first Christmas catalogue arrived through the door today. Not in the mood at all yet – let’s have Hallowe’en first!

Today’s earworm playlist:

James Taylor – Wichita Lineman
Monty Python – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
Peter Hames – Ordinary Man
OneRepublic – Counting Stars

Treadmills and pixels

A slightly more laid-back day today. I caught up with a bit of admin this morning, got some ukulele practice in ready for tomorrow’s class, and then spent the afternoon working on my text adventure.

I got my steps in on the treadmill this evening (if it was spring/summer I might be tempted out for some evening runs at the moment, but it’s getting dark fairly early now!). I’ve also been doing lots of reading about creating basic pixel art. For my last text adventure game, I created the graphics by making photo montages, scaling down the images, heavily pixelising them and reducing them to a 16-colour palette. For my current project, I’d like to create at least some of the artwork from scratch, so I’ll be doing some experimenting this week.

Hoping for a productive day working on my various projects tomorrow.

Pixel art practice
Not an OOTD: I’m no artist, but I gotta start somewhere!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Jon & Vangelis – I’ll Find My Way Home
George Ezra – Paradise
Sacre – The London Marathon
James Taylor – Wichita Lineman
Pharrell Williams – Happy