It’s still hot

We’re well into August and I’m usually a bit sick of summer by now, but this year I’m quite enjoying it, probably because the weather has been nice. It’s been a little too hot when out running but it’s really lovely to sit in the house with the windows open and the sunshine coming in.

Plans for the weekend are (a) running and (b) lounging around.

Feeling a bit ‘weekday’

A day of mugginess, work, the soundtrack of Geth playing videogames and being a cat bed for next door’s cat. Feeling a bit out of sorts at the moment, which always tends to happen at this point in the summer.

On the plus side, I managed a run longer than a mile this morning, which is something! I’m still feeling a bit fatigued in that respect but the run did feel nice.

Summer haze

It hit 37°C here in the end today. Far too hot to do anything sensible, yet still, annoyingly, one degree too cool to get the Garmin ‘Toasty’ badge. Something to hunt down abroad at some point.

I won’t remember what this temperature feels like in a few days, but I took a picture anyway.

Summer haze

House is a parasol today

Another day of in-house sheltering. Today I have discovered that my house is really quite good at keeping the temperature down – it does feel a bit overly warm inside but it’s nothing compared to outside, which feels like the tropics at the moment. Meant to be even hotter tomorrow at 35°C – unheard of for Newcastle and should absolutely smash the temperature record here ?

Plenty to be getting on with inside anyway. Lots of day job work this week and some more boxes to sort out.

In-house bumbling

Other than a very early morning run I am not braving the heat outside for the next few days. I have started doing ‘house stuff’ again now that the months-long fog of game-making has lifted for a few weeks. I have many tens of boxes in the garage that need ‘sorting out’ and today I tackled the first of them. ‘Sorting out’ is a difficult job with my hoarding tendencies so it’s a slow process, but I do dream of having a non-crammed house some day.

I have also just prepped a ton of salad for the next few days. It’s normally not my favourite but it’s lovely in the hot weather.


…and hoping to make it a long one if I can. Forecast is claiming super hot weather on Monday and Tuesday so it’d be nice just to doze. We’ll see what comes in with work next week.

Geth is on leave from this evening so it’ll be nice to have him home for a few weeks as well. It’d be good just to be quiet for a bit.

Sunhat time

Just a quick post today before heading out. It’s still crazy hot here in London so I’ll be drinking lots of water and sticking to the shade most of the afternoon once I get to the venue. Not going too early either as the support bands I’m interested in don’t start till about 6pm!

Eyes on July

Back in Newcastle – again! – after a weekend visiting the in-laws. For the next four days, I will be almost totally focused on finishing my game before the competition deadline on Thursday night. Next weekend will be extremely quiet – it’s been a very busy month and Geth and I will both be glad to collapse on the sofa with videogames, I think!

There’ll be a bit of dashing about in July as well (summer gonna summer) but on the whole it looks like things will be slightly quieter.

Slightly feeling the crunch

I’ve still got quite a bit to do on my game before the deadline next week, but hopefully the transcript-reading will speed up soon. Once you’re a few testers in, they start (mostly) repeating the same already-fixed bugs 🙂

Will try to get out earlier for tomorrow’s run as today’s was a bit hot for me. I like the idea of summer weather but I’m not very well adapted to it!

Plans make everything better

Geth and I have got quite a lot happening over the summer, as I might have mentioned. Summers were always busy in the past but this is something I need to get used to again after a couple of quieter pandemic years. My natural ‘happy place’ is sitting on my sofa at home – going out and doing things is always lovely when I get there, but I find it quite difficult being out of my usual routine.

I do always feel better when things are planned out though. We’re doing a short trip this weekend and Geth has done the itinerary for it today, meaning I’m quite excited for it now (because I can visualise much better what I’ll be doing – and, importantly, where I’m running!).