Music Video Monday: recent chart catchup

A few more longstanding chart hits with only-recently-released videos to look at today.

Meek Mill and Drake – Going Bad

It’s mainly the standard mansions ‘n’ bling, with a bit of cigar smoking and racehorse betting for good measure, but there are some nice trippy elements such as a random car crash that doesn’t actually seem to affect anyone in the video.

Lauv and Troye Sivan – I’m So Tired

This video mainly involves the two singers hanging around diners and streets and on top of cars being depressed and single. There’s also a lot of happy couples hanging around for contrast.

Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved

And a bonus video for today – an extra video has been released for Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved, following the singing-in-a-train-station one from a few weeks ago. This one doesn’t feature Lewis, but it does feature his second cousin once removed (and Twelfth Doctor) Peter Capaldi, playing a widower whose wife’s death has enabled a young mother to receive a lifesaving heart transplant. It’s as emotional as it sounds. Lovely video.

I expect that next week’s video will be an ’80s one. Videos in the ’80s were the best, even if they didn’t have Doctors in them!*

*I’m not digging out Doctor In Distress. That was an exception to the ‘videos in the ’80s were the best’ rule.

New Hits Friday: 8th February 2019

Four new hits in the chart today!

Lauv and Troye Sivan – I’m So Tired

Well, at least there’s a tune to it, and I quite like the electro-tinged backing track. It’s not hugely exciting though.

There’s no video for this yet.

21 Savage and J Cole – A Lot

The lyrical content of the rap is a lot cleverer than most stuff out nowadays, and I quite like the soul singing in the background.

The video, which compares the fronts people put on in public to the realities of their lives, features a lot of 20th century trappings like vinyl records, flashbulb photography, and classic dishes, so I’m all about it.

Fredo and Dave – All I Ever Wanted

Great epic electro atmosphere on the backing track, and the rhythm of the rap is quite nice. I’ve not been keen on Fredo’s previous stuff, but I quite like this one.

The video’s a fairly standard London rap video – urban setting, lots of weed – but at least there’s a semi-story going on.

Billie Eilish – Bury A Friend

Great beat, interesting and unusual vocals. Nice to have something different in the chart.

The video is suitably haunting and full of horror imagery, which I really, really like!