Merry Christmas!

I’ve had a nice few weeks prepping for Christmas and am now enjoying the celebrations with family. I hope you’re all having a lovely time too!

Christmas cake

I’ve got some New Year’s Resolutions posts coming up next week, some additional festive parkrunning and some blog plans to share. In the meantime, I’ll be doing a lot of videogaming and sleeping. Enjoy the festivities everyone!

A carefully guarded quiet weekend!

No parkrun this morning (all our nearby ones were cancelled due to ice) so I was able to get a head start on the quiet weekend I’ve been planning for weeks. It’s been manic recently with stuff going on every weekend and I really wanted this one to be the calm before the Christmas storm. As such, I’ve worked extra hard this week to get all the Christmas prep finished as I did not want it to be taking up time today and tomorrow! Geth and I will be videogaming instead and occasionally hopping on the treadmill.

Marathon training plan starts on Monday. It doesn’t look like the weather will be warming up any time soon, so I’d probably better get used to the treadmill for a while!

Feels like a beginning

Physio yesterday went well – I was able to explain everything that happened over the summer and I now have the beginnings of a plan. She says my current strength training set doesn’t have enough actual strengthening in it (it’s more focused on mobility as that’s what I’ve needed for rehab over the last few years) and so I’ll gradually be adding different exercises into the set over time.

I was also able to go to the social run this morning, which was great. Still feeling slightly chesty and sniffly and I wasn’t quite able to keep the pace up the whole way, but I know that will come back quickly.

Weekend has almost landed and I’m really looking forward to it. Lots of gaming to be getting on with.

Some recovery

I’ve been struggling with a cold (the same thing Geth has had) the last couple of days so didn’t go to the social run this morning. Just a very gentle solo plod instead and then back to the warmth of the house.

It’s not been the week I expected but I’m looking forward to next week. Just need to get over the last of the cold and get my brain back into some semblance of order. Trying to work with brain fog over the last couple of days has been tough and I’m glad it’s the weekend! Hope I can do something a little more interesting than just staring into space. It’d be nice to get back to my gaming at least.

A nice start to the week

My comma day run was lovely. It was a wet evening but there was a lovely rainbow at one point, and it was really nice to run with the social group! Onto the next thousand now with a nice gentle mile this morning.

A quieter week at work this week so I’m hoping for some early finishes. Got a game to finish playing and another to start making 🙂

Getting settled

We’ve definitely come back to cooler weather. Even needing a couple of hours of heating on here and there! I am happiest in these mid-range temperatures though, and I feel like I can settle now. Gradually doing all the post-travel sorting out this week and getting things ready for the happy autumn ahead.

New Monkey Island game out now (it was released yesterday evening) so I’m just quickly finishing off my marathon of the previous games. Should be delving into the new one tonight!

Being more comfortable

House projects are going well at the moment. I am mostly reorganising things (got some new crates on the way from Amazon later this week – super exciting I know!). Decluttering is an ongoing process and my hoarding tendencies make it hard. I’m planning to make a bit of a ‘station’ for it in the next few days so that it doesn’t take over the house.

I’m getting some good gaming time in this week as well. There have been a lot of times this year when I’ve been so busy with TechUP or my game projects or other things that I just haven’t scheduled enough time into the day to switch my brain off properly. I’m trying to make that a priority for the rest of the year.

Weekend mode

Started today off with a lovely run with the social group, which is becoming something I’m really enjoying on Friday mornings. Volunteering at parkrun tomorrow so will do a very gentle run back, and then hopefully I’ll be able to manage my twelve miles on Sunday!

I’ve been making a bit more time for reading and gaming this week, which has been so beneficial (I’m usually non-stop with day job stuff, writing, running and other ‘busy’ pursuits). Going to try and continue this.