Knots and crosses

Back to normal today – I’ve been working most of the day and have had the Christmas tunes on. Feeling as though I might finally be over my cold as well! I headed out to vote earlier this evening, but otherwise it’s just going to be a quiet night in and then early to bed. No election results for me – my nerves can’t take it!

Out and about at various points tomorrow to celebrate Geth’s end of term.

Civic duty December 2019
Not really an OOTD: Geth is hoping this selfie will still be valid for a free beer at Brewdog tomorrow.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Thought Beings – ‘Hazy’
Duran Duran – ‘Winter Marches On’
Arcadia – ‘Election Day’
The Boomtown Rats – ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’
Duran Duran – ‘Michael, You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For’

Gradually getting back to normal

I sort of don’t want to say I’m feeling better, because every time I do, I feel like I’m jinxing myself for another setback… but I have felt a lot better so far today, and I’ve managed to get a lot of stuff done without making myself feel ill again, so I’m feeling hopeful.

I had a bit of day job work to do during the day, and have also managed to get in some ukulele practice. Christmas decorations are very nearly finished as well!

I’m out and about again the next couple of days, so I’m really hoping I’ve recovered enough not to make myself unwell again.

Christmas mug
Not an OOTD: the Christmas mugs are out. Hot drinks are very welcome in my current state!

Today’s earworm playlist:

David Essex – ‘A Winter’s Tale’
The Justice Collective – ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’
Kuana Torres Kahele, James Ford Murphy and Napua Greig-Nakasone – ‘Someone To Lava’
Pretenders – ‘2000 Miles’
Sam Bailey – ‘Skyscraper’

A new week ahead

I’m still coughing a bit, but I feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel with regards my cold. One more day inside and hopefully I’ll have got rid of the worst of it.

Today was a lovely relaxed Sunday with lots of music and good TV (I’m all caught up with Strictly and I LOVED the semifinal – looking forward to the final next week).

Assuming I don’t have another setback, it feels like I’ll have the energy to put the final few touches to the Christmas decorations tomorrow. I also have a bit of day job work to do, but at least that can be done from the sofa!

Spotify 2019 summary
Not an OOTD: Spotify have sent me my 2019 music listening summary. Unsurprisingly, Duran Duran were my most listened to artist yet again!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Traditional – ‘Bleak Midwinter’
Blur – ‘Country House’
Richard Marx – ‘Right Here Waiting’

Up and down

Definitely not better yet – I seem to keep veering between feeling totally fine and feeling like I can’t even stand up. At least I’m managing to get a few things done now during the ‘feeling fine’ hours!

I was too poorly to go to parkrun again this morning, so the date for my 100th parkrun is now the 21st December. If it gets pushed back any further (i.e. if I can’t parkrun next week either) I will be extremely cross (and also a bit worried, because the ‘bad’ stage of a cold really shouldn’t be going on for any more than a few days, let alone a fortnight!). However, I’m hopeful that I will be able to get rid of this thing in the course of the next week.

I did manage to get out and see the Marian Keyes talk at the Sage Gateshead this afternoon though. It was really good and I’ll do a more detailed post on it soon!

I have also finally managed to get my main Christmas tree up (a whole six days later than intended, but there you are). Just one last push to go tomorrow and then I will be done with the decorations (other than the few bits and pieces that I still need to do at Mum and Dad’s).

I now have two days in a row where I won’t be leaving the house, which gives me a really good opportunity to rest up and recover!

Christmas tree 2019
Not an OOTD: it’s always nice when I’ve got this tree glowing merrily away in the corner.

Today’s earworm playlist:

George Cole and Dennis Waterman – ‘What Are We Gonna Get For ‘Er Indoors?’
Coldplay – ‘Christmas Lights’
Martin & Shirlie – ‘The Way You Look Tonight’
Spandau Ballet – ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’
Sister Sledge – ‘Lost In Music’
Kuana Torres Kahele, James Ford Murphy and Napua Greig-Nakasone – ‘Someone To Lava’
Duran Duran – ‘Winter Marches On’

Cabin fever

I’ve tried to have a ‘not doing anything’ day (i.e. just mindless internet browsing and so on) today in order to try and recover from my cold. Not doing anything, it turns out, just makes me feel frustrated and bored, like I’ve wasted the day. I’ve got a show at the Sage Gateshead to go to tomorrow afternoon, and although I will have to wrap up warm, I think I’m going to feel a bit better for getting out.

Also, there’s a loose connection in my laptop mouse, and it keeps beeping every five seconds to inform me that it’s either just connected or disconnected. Time to order a new one, I think. In the meantime, I’ve just given up and turned my laptop volume off.

Big Kahuna glass
Not an OOTD: Geth was given some Kona Brewery beers as an early Christmas present from a colleague, so he dug out his souvenir Big Kahuna glass from the time we went to Hawaii. It’s making me long for tropical islands and sunshine, which is NOT the way I usually feel in December when I’m excited about Christmas coming up! I’ve been researching some traditional Hawaiian ukulele music as a result.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Gary Glitter – ‘Another Rock ‘N’ Roll Christmas’*
Kuana Torres Kahele, James Ford Murphy and Napua Greig-Nakasone – ‘Someone To Lava’
Coldplay – ‘Christmas Lights’
Bananarama – ‘Really Saying Something’

*Yes, it’s STILL in my head.

Back in the toon

I travelled back to Newcastle first thing this morning (although I didn’t go to Slimming World because (a) I had a few last-minute clients with urgent deadlines today and (b) I’m really struggling with my cold today – wish it would just go away now). Have had a nice quiet day playing my ukulele and catching up with Strictly episodes!

Tomorrow will be all about staying in the house and trying to knock this thing on the head!

Concert ukulele
Not an OOTD: after a whole term of only playing my soprano ukulele (because it was the one I was using for class and I thought it was probably better to keep practising on the same one), it was nice to dig out my concert uke today. I’m hoping I’ll have a gig bag for it soon so that I can carry it around more easily!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Jennifer Rush – ‘The Power Of Love’
Coca-Cola – ‘Holidays Are Coming’
Lewis Capaldi – ‘Someone You Loved’
The White Stripes – ‘Seven Nation Army’
Gary Glitter – ‘Another Rock ‘N’ Roll Christmas’*
Kuana Torres Kahele, James Ford Murphy and Napua Greig-Nakasone – ‘Someone To Lava’

*I KNOW. You never hear it anymore (because… Gary Glitter) but it’s on the That’s Christmas compilation album from 1994, which I listen to every year when I’m doing Mum and Dad’s decorations, and it’s REALLY catchy.

Another day of shiny things

I’m still in Edinburgh (Geth is holding the fort at home, and reports that my paper chains haven’t fallen down yet, which is a real victory as they’re a bit delicate – will be reinforcing them at the end of the Christmas period), and still feeling a bit ill. However, it’s been a good day – I went to my yearly dental checkup this morning (the main reason I’m in town – the Christmas stuff is a bonus), did some more decorating of Mum and Dad’s house this afternoon, and then caught up with my cousin Freya this evening.

A very early train back to Newcastle tomorrow morning so that I can pop into my Slimming World group before heading home.

BBC Micro
Not an OOTD: Dad also dug out the Micro today. We confirmed it works and everything! Looking forward to having a play with this over Christmas when I bring the disks up from Newcastle.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Coldplay – ‘Christmas Lights’
The Midnight and Nikki Flores – ‘Light Years’
Phil Collins – ‘Another Day In Paradise’

Tree hopping

It is the week of tree decorating, and I’m finding that despite my cold, I can occasionally stand up long enough to put some ornaments on there! I’ve not done my main tree at home yet, but I did do my ‘upstairs tree’ this morning (it’s an old one I’ve had since 1994 that still scrubs up nicely with a bit of tinsel and some lights!), and I headed to Edinburgh today to decorate Mum and Dad’s tree for them. The seventy-year-old ornament collection is still gradually expanding, and I put 140 of them on the tree this year!

More trees to decorate over the next few days…

Christmas tree 2019
Not an OOTD: it’s the ornament collection, seventy years in the making, that makes Mum and Dad’s tree so special. I’m not bad at finding branches for them, though, if I do say so myself!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Coldplay – ‘Christmas Lights’
The Ronettes – ‘Chapel Of Love’
Duran Duran – ‘Femme Fatale’
Sheena Easton – ‘For Your Eyes Only’
The Midnight and Nikki Flores – ‘Light Years’
Take That – ‘Babe’
The Beatles – ‘Drive My Car’

A recovery day

I still feel pretty rotten, but having had a day on the sofa today, I think I’m just about starting to recover from my cold now. I’ll be out in the open air again tomorrow, so fingers crossed it won’t be quite as frosty as it has been recently.

On the plus side, I did get a lot of online Christmas shopping done today!

Christmas decorations
Not an OOTD: the Christmas decorations are out if not quite up yet! Bonus Strictly catchup on the TV too. I’ll get a bit of decorating done tomorrow before I head out.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Duran Duran – ‘Falling Down’
Ariana Grande – ‘Thank You Next’
The Police – ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’
Sailor – ‘A Glass Of Champagne’
Slade – ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’

Quarter capacity at most…

…is the best way I can describe my brain right now. This cold has really knocked me out.

I don’t think it helped that I ventured out in the sub-freezing temperatures this evening in order to attend the Slimming World opportunities event. It was useful and informative, and I’ve signed up to find out more, but it was a real struggle walking back and forth from the Metro (especially as all of Newcastle is an ice rink at the moment!). Tomorrow will be all about staying in and keeping warm.

OOTD 1st December 2019
OOTD: I may be only sometimes conscious and also simultaneously too hot and too cold under my blanket, but at least I got to wear my snowflake jumper for the first time this winter today. Jumper unknown brand (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2019).

Today’s earworm playlist:

John Williams – ‘Across The Stars’
Duran Duran – ‘My Antarctica’
Destiny’s Child – ‘8 Days Of Christmas’