Returning to various game worlds

Another mile this morning…

…and those fifteen minutes out in the sunshine/rain (delete as appropriate) are all the time I need outside now that we’re into the darker half of the year. Hibernation beckons.

I’m shifting back into gaming and game-making mode as a result. I spent eight hours playing the Bravely Second prequel yesterday and am going to dive into the main game tonight. I never finished it on my first playthrough, and I want to get to the end of it before Bravely Default II comes out for the Switch in March. It’s a series I love and I’m so glad to have some time to play it this month.

I’m also starting to think about my next Adventuron game project. I’ve had a couple of months away from coding as the summer was a bit intense – I made One Last Thing… for the last Adventuron jam and then instantly jumped into a game snippet called Pre-Marie for the IntroComp competition – but now I’m refreshed and ready to code again. Can’t wait to get started.

Another nice quiet day tomorrow. With lockdown now in place, that’s pretty much a given!

Autumn trees
It’s the most beautiful time of the year.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Sheena Easton – ‘9 To 5 (Morning Train)’
Geri Halliwell – ‘Bag It Up’
Public Image Ltd – ‘Rise’
Phil Collins – ‘In The Air Tonight’

Another Tuesday

I did my interval session somewhere different this morning…

…which was nice. Geth and I seem to have timed our runs well as since lunchtime it’s been raining and grey – one of those days where you need the lights on all day long.

I don’t mind it being typical autumn weather in the afternoons and evenings as it’s the time of year when I like to curl up and watch TV, and in the current situation that’s all we can do anyway. I do mind in the mornings, because I’m really having to psyche myself up to go out for my runs in the cold and wet. It’s always fine once I get out there, but when I first wake up, getting out of my nice warm bed to go running is the last thing I want to do, especially on a Tuesday when I need to do a tough interval session.

I always get out and do it eventually though. That’s the beauty of the run streak – I need to go out for at least a mile to maintain the streak, so I might as well go and do the run I’ve got scheduled.

I had a bit of day job work to get on with this afternoon, and am now finishing off my admin so that I can watch some Hallowe’en TV this evening. I started my annual Simpsons ‘Treehouse Of Horror’ marathon yesterday, and have also been recording all the Hallowe’en shows on Food Network. These days, for me, Hallowe’en is always about staying in and enjoying the atmosphere, so it feels like it’s the one celebration that the pandemic can’t affect this year.

I’m still sleeping later than I’d like, partly because I’m tossing and turning and worrying about world things late at night. Hopefully I’ll manage to get my run done fairly quickly tomorrow, as there’s a few things I want to check before taking the car for its MOT on Thursday.

Maisie meets her match, 1984
I loved this book as a child. It describes an ’80s Hallowe’en in Morningside, Edinburgh, and thus perfectly captures my childhood Hallowe’ens – all the Scottish traditions and customs. I wonder if it perhaps isn’t sold or has been changed these days, as Maisie’s ‘Red Indian Chief’ costume would be considered culturally insensitive now.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Liam Payne and J Balvin – ‘Familiar’
Bananarama – ‘Really Saying Something’
Wham! – ‘Club Tropicana’
Prince – ‘1999’
Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett – ‘The Monster Mash’
Barenaked Ladies – ‘One Week’
The Black Crowes – ‘Hard To Handle’
Pet Shop Boys – ‘On Social Media’

Recovering slowly

Just a mile for my run this morning…

…though I then ended up walking six miles trying to find a shop that would repair my phone screen! Going to try and take it a bit easier the rest of the week.

(I’ve also added my big long video about my challenge to yesterday’s blog if you’ve not seen it already!)

I’m still not feeling 100% – I can’t concentrate and feel pretty fatigued in general – so I think I need a few more days of catching up with sleep. Hoping to be back to normal by the weekend.

One more walk tomorrow to pick up my repaired phone, and then I think I’ll finally be able to settle down and get some rest!

Autumn tree
A lovely autumn tree from my walk today.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Nick Heyward – ‘Take That Situation’
Foo Fighters – ‘Times Like These’

The first of a few rest-ish days

A very early couple of miles this morning…

…in order to see what my mile route looks like in the dark so that I’m prepared when I start running just after midnight on Sunday morning. I’m almost never awake at five in the morning, let alone out running. It was super peaceful!

I spent the morning getting work done (and trying not to fall asleep) and then headed out for a walk in the afternoon. I’ve not been out walking for a couple of weeks as I’ve been too busy with multiple run training, and it was really nice to crunch through the leaves (Newcastle is looking very autumnal now).

I get to sleep in tomorrow morning (no, really, it’s on my training plan – I need to start shifting my sleep pattern in preparation for the weekend). I’m fairly busy with day job work for the rest of the week, but my much-lighter run days will make it feel like a bit of a holiday!

Autumn leaves
I love these leaf colours 😀

Today’s earworm playlist:

Zombie Nation – ‘Kernkraft 400’
Cast of Pocahontas – ‘Colours Of The Wind’
System Of A Down – ‘Chop Suey’
The Cure – ‘The Hanging Garden’
Robin S – ‘Show Me Love’

And a bonus track that Geth was humming earlier:

Limahl – ‘Neverending Story’

A much-appreciated Friday

Four more laps today…

…which went really well. Hoping that the last four days of multiple run training go just as swimmingly! Nine days until marathon/challenge day…

Work has been really busy this week so I’m really glad it’s the weekend! I’ve not really had the energy to do much in the evenings the last few days so I’m looking forward to having a couple of afternoons for catching up with stuff around the house (including the last bit of my decor project… I hope!).

Running vlogs over the weekend, will next update properly on Monday.

Autumn leaves
Another ‘autumn leaves’ picture from my walks last weekend. Looking forward to having a bit of a wander this weekend as well 🙂

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Smiths – ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’
Carter USM – ‘Prince In A Pauper’s Grave’
Queen – ‘One Vision’

Autumn TV nights

Three laps of my mile(ish) route today…

…and it’ll be the same again tomorrow. With less rain, I hope!

Now that the nights are properly ‘autumn dark’ (i.e. sunset at 7pm), I am in a TV-watching mood again. Not that Geth and I did anything in the evenings all summer except sit in the house with the TV on, but it feels ‘right’ again now that it’s blankets ‘n’ candles season. Tonight we are resuming our Star Trek marathon, which we last paused more than four years ago (in May 2016 according to my notes!). We started the marathon circa 2010 and it’s been off and on since then. There’s been a lot of Star Trek made since the ’60s, and rather inconveniently they’ve started making loads of it again in the last few years, meaning we will probably never be caught up completely. It’s good stuff though.

I also have a ‘highlights from past series’ Strictly show to catch up with sometime this week, having recorded it last weekend!

Another three laps (and some more work and TV-watching) tomorrow.

Star Trek DVDs
Looking forward to getting back to these DVDs! I just had a look on Amazon and the packaging style has changed sometime in the last half decade, so the Enterprise ones won’t look quite the same when we get round to buying those…

Today’s earworm playlist:

Midnight Oil – ‘Beds Are Burning’
Leo Sayer – ‘Moonlighting’
Tight Fit – ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’
The Smiths – ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’

And a couple of bonus tracks that Geth was humming earlier:

REM – ‘Bad Day’
Patrice Rushen – ‘Forget Me Nots’ (or rather the ‘black bin bags’ parody from Phoenix Nights)

Enjoying the autumn weather

A two-miler today…

…and it was nice doing a different route to my 1.2-mile lap! That’s the last chance I’ll have for over a week, though, as multiple run training starts again tomorrow.

I also went out for a long walk this afternoon, as I’ll be running and working for the rest of the week so will be a bit too busy for walks. It was perfect September weather – lovely and sunny but not too hot while walking, and it was a really nice route too. I managed to photograph some red phone boxes I’d spotted while out with the social run group a few weeks ago, so look out for those in future Phone Box Thursday posts 🙂

A little more time spent indoors tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be able to share my finished decor project (as far as it can be finished right now!).

Autumn leaves
A photo from over the weekend. The trees are starting to turn now, which is always exciting.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Vangelis – ‘Chariots Of Fire’
Gunship – ‘Rise The Midnight Girl’
Sacre – ‘The London Marathon [Theme From The Trap]’

Cosy evenings

Two miles this morning…

…and I’m feeling really happy with my running this week – I was a bit concerned at the weekend because my legs were feeling really stiff and didn’t seem to be easing off, but they’re doing a lot better after a few days of recovery runs. Another two miles tomorrow before building back up over the weekend.

I was mostly doing day job work today, but I also spent some time making plans for house decor. The frames arrived for a large wall project I’m going to be working on over the next few weeks – I just need to wait for the photos I ordered from Freeprints so I can get on with things! Unfortunately the photo prints are being sent via Royal Mail (see Thursday’s post for my current woes on that subject), and we haven’t had a delivery on our street since Saturday. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I did, however, put up a framed print that has been sitting around upstairs for the two and a half years since we moved in. One step closer to covering up our horrible magnolia walls (they will all get painted or wallpapered eventually, but it’s going to take a long time).

I am properly enjoying my evenings in now that autumn is officially here (meteorologically speaking). I’ve got the incense and candles going on the hearth (need to stock up!) and am appreciating the earlier darkness. I know a lot of people miss summer when it’s gone but I am not one of them – I’ve been looking forward to this time for months.

Hoping for another productive day tomorrow… and maybe another item up on the wall!

Autumn hearth
It’s not quite time to have the fires on yet (although I have been blasting them in the mornings when I get cold after my run!), so the hearth is home to lit candles and incense in the evenings now. I’m not short of regular candles but am nearly out of home fragrance so need to stock up soon.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Rizzle Kicks – ‘Down With The Trumpets’
Sacre – ‘The London Marathon’
Jared Emerson-Johnson – ‘New Location Unlocked [Midtown Remix]’

Best day

Another recovery mile this morning…

…followed by a nice walk in the early September sunshine. The first of September is one of my favourite days of the year – it’s the start of meteorological autumn, my favourite season, and of the part of the year starting with ‘-ber’ – the best four months of all. This autumn will probably feel a bit different, just as this spring and this summer felt a bit different, but I’m hopeful that the magic of the season will still be there. I’m still running a GNR, even if it’s virtual; the BBC are doing a truncated and socially-distanced Strictly series (the first participants are being announced tonight!); and of course no pandemic can stop me from binge-watching horror films and eating all the Hallowe’en chocolate during October!

I’m also excited about my 24-hour London Marathon challenge in October, which will keep my training focused for another month or so (Geth and I are also booked for an actual live race – the North Tyneside 10k – on the 18th of October, but we haven’t heard yet if it’s going ahead or not…).

Lots of other hopes and ambitions for the autumn months, including house decor (a few bits and pieces arriving this week!), writing (I have three potential projects for NaNoWriMo) and coding (I can’t decide which game to work on next, but I would like to release at least another two this year).

It should be a good autumn, even if it’s a quiet one. I might even make an effort to go find a Bonfire Night fireworks display this year (I usually can’t be bothered!).

In the shorter term, it looks like I’ll be fairly busy with day job work over the next few weeks, so September will probably fly by… as usual!

Pictures to go up
I am determined to get some of my pictures hung up on the wall by the end of the year, even if I don’t manage any other house projects. If nothing else, it’ll stop them cluttering up the dressing room!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Jared Emerson-Johnson – ‘New Location Unlocked [Midtown Remix]’

Weekend dozing awaits

Just a mile today…

…as I’ve got another long run coming up on Sunday and I need to save some energy. I’ll probably just do a mile tomorrow as well. I am still doing my daily walking though – four miles to squash the last of my bugs in my online game today. Hopefully it’ll just be a straightforward one or two miles for my new bug tomorrow!

I got my day job work finished for the week as well, and am now just finishing off some admin this evening. Hoping to get a bit of videogaming in this weekend amongst all the running!

I’ll post my running vlogs as usual over the weekend but otherwise will be back on Monday.

First brambles of the year spotted on my walk today! Autumn is so nearly here 🙂

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Cure – ‘Lullaby’
M – ‘Pop Musik’
Queen – ‘One Vision’
2 Unlimited – ‘No Limit’