parkrunday: Town Moor #593

I arrived at Town Moor for GNR t-shirt photo day with slightly different plans to the ones I’d made a week before. I’d originally hoped to push it a bit and get a baseline for where I was six days post-GNR. However, I’d developed a mild cold midweek and had needed a bit more recovery than expected, so I decided just to take it easy (accompanied by Geth, taking it even easier).

Nevertheless, easy/comfortable pace seemed to get faster and faster throughout the run, and I ended up doing my second fastest time of the year without ever pushing it! Not bad considering the circumstances (which included the worst mud I’ve ever seen at Town Moor – those paths are getting worse and worse and I was glad of my trail shoes).

Emerging out of the rain and mist! Photo from Town Moor parkrun Facebook page.

Might try a bit harder next week if I’m over my cold by then!

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