Slight wistfulness but cracking on!

It was absolutely the right decision to delay the release of my current big game project to the ParserComp competition in June rather than rushing it into the Spring Thing festival this week, but I do feel a slight wistful pang that I won’t be entering the Thing this year. I’ve been testing a couple of other people’s games, so I still feel like I’m contributing in a small way. I’m also looking forward to playing all the entries once they become available. In the meantime, I’m getting on with my (much smaller) game for this year’s TALP jam, which will be my focus for the next month.

Speaking of wistful pangs, it’s hard not to feel like my marathon training is on hold at the moment. My leg hurts a little less during gentle exercise than it did yesterday, and that’s great, but I need to be patient and let it heal properly. I’m doing all the right things… I think.

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