Three down, 137 to go

I’m three days into my marathon plan and so have done the first three runs. The first two days were three-milers, which did not feel like the difficult step up I feared they might after rarely doing more than a mile per day for the last few months: they were both nice trips out with one of my favourite podcasts on the go. Unfortunately, they were also both achingly slow (like, the pace I used to stagger round with the tailwalker at parkrun when I was at my heaviest more than five years ago). They didn’t feel slow (or no slower than usual: I was just doing my standard easy plod) so I’m a bit worried. Maybe all the treadmilling over the last couple of months has slowed me down. I’m hoping that a bit of speedwork will help, but there’s none of that on the plan until next Wednesday.

Today was a rest day (there’s an extra one on the plan in week one), which for me is a mile run to keep my run streak going. I was tempted to throw in some strides to test the speed, but I resisted. Rest day miles are not about speed.

I’ve got a four-miler tomorrow (Thursdays are long run days but it’s not super long for the first few weeks), which I’m already looking forward to as I’ve plotted out a nice route. Really crossing everything that the weather will be better for parkrun this week as well.

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