parkrunday: Portobello #266

It was lovely to be back doing a New Year parkrun yesterday, after missing it during the parkrun COVID hiatus last year. There are no longer opportunities to do New Year’s Day doubles (they were getting over-popular and thus dangerous and so parkrun HQ have put a stop to it), but in all honesty it was a lot less stressful just being able to focus on one parkrun by itself, rather than worrying about getting back in the car and dashing on to the next one like we did two years ago!

Unfortunately (and typically – it hasn’t happened on any of my other runs during Christmas!), my chronic hip/back/leg issue flared up horribly as soon as I started running, and so I didn’t have an enjoyable run. I was about ten minutes slower than I typically have been recently, and it really felt like I was back where I started all those years ago 🙁 The only way is up for 2022, I suppose.

Portobello parkrun
Looking a bit miserable on lap two. Photo by Portobello parkrun.

I expect we’ll be back at one of our regulars next week, and hopefully I’ll be back to a more regular time as well.

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