Phone Box Thursday: King William Walk, London

Otherwise known as ‘the one that got away’.

When I followed the London Marathon route on Google Street View after doing the marathon for the first time in 2019 (and photographing all the phone boxes along the way!), I was surprised to find that I’d missed one. I promised myself that I’d go back and rectify this – as it was the closest phone box to the meridian I’d found yet (although doubtless there are closer ones elsewhere in London) – but for various reasons I did not have the opportunity until I was running past it while doing the London Marathon for a second time. It was at this moment that I realised why I had missed it the first time I’d done the marathon.

Red phone box
Red phone box, King William Walk, London, 3rd October 2021.

(Coordinates 51°48’11.9″N, 0°00’79.8″W.)

They put a muckle great marathon sponsorship banner in front of it, that’s why!

My photographing of this phone box during marathon take two was a bit farcical. In my drained state (mental energy in these situations, as you might imagine, is reserved for spending hours telling yourself you’re capable of running 26.2 miles), I thought maybe the banner material would be transparent enough to take a photo if I got right up close to it… and of course it wasn’t, and then suddenly I had a very concerned/sceptical race volunteer materialise in my face wondering what the hell I was doing. The eventual photo you see above was taken after I extracted myself from having to explain and made it a little further up the road.

Anyway, you can’t see much of it, but it’s there. If I ever manage to get back there on a non-marathon excursion, I will take a proper photo and update this post accordingly.

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