Phone Box Thursday: Hay’s Galleria, London

On the way to the start line of the London Marathon, I came across four very smart K2 boxes in the Hay’s Galleria centre next to London Bridge tube station! They stand as two pairs, guarding either side of the archway that leads through to the station entrance. I’ll log one pair today and the other next week.

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, Hay’s Galleria, London, 3rd October 2021.

(Coordinates 51°50’55.6″N, 0°08’36.7″W.)

Their distinctively large size and bulbous tops identify them as K2 boxes, a London-specific design, examples of which are generally listed and preserved by the city (in great contrast to the sad fate of many of the more-ubiquitous K6 boxes in the rest of the country!). It does help that these ones are under a roof, but you can see how smartly they are kept. Phones remain intact too.

We’ll stay in Hay’s Galleria and look at the other pair next week!

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