parkrunday: Town Moor #516

It was back to the Moor today as Geth and I had new race t-shirts to show off. My sciatica issues from last week seem to have quietened down for now *looks around anxiously* and I’m not suffering too much stiffness. As such, it’s really just lack of energy and speed training that’s making me slow at the moment! I need to put up with that for a couple more months, though, as I’m determined to have a proper break from hard training until the next marathon training block starts in January.

However, I was about three minutes faster than my last parkrun on the Moor two weeks ago! This was despite some tough wind conditions. I’m finding that I have enough energy to go a bit faster on the last mile, so in future weeks I’m going to try pushing back the point at which I speed up and seeing if I can sustain that pace for longer.

Colder than it has been but fine when running. The hoodies went back on fairly quickly though!

I haven’t made a decision about next week’s parkrun location yet. Will have to wait and see what fits in best with Hallowe’en weekend…

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