An inbetween day

Lots of appointments today. I had a sports massage at the physio this morning (great to work out some of the issues from the summer training block and get some professional opinions and advice on my various issues), then had an hour at home before I needed to take the car in for its MOT, and after I got back from that I was waiting to hear when I could pick it up… so I didn’t feel able to get into any big projects or anything. I did lots of small jobs instead. Then the garage called and said they needed to keep the car in overnight… oh well. Tomorrow is a lot quieter (other than picking up the car) so I’ll be able to get back into my work and studying!

I am thoroughly in the swing of Hallowe’en week now and am looking forward to curling up with some scary films at the weekend. Not wishing the week away, though – there are a lot of fun things to watch and Hallowe’en sweets to eat in the meantime.

Hallowe'en hearth
Quite possibly my favourite Hallowe’en hearth ever. Only the big pumpkin and the neep will be getting carved because the small gourds look absolutely fabulous as they are! Bonus shot of one of my many pairs of Hallowe’en leggings in the fireplace reflection.

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