Two jabs and done…

…well, unless or until they decide we all need booster vaccinations or similar. But for the moment, double jabbed and ergo as fully protected as possible.

COVID vaccination sticker
The staff at the centre I went to are no longer automatically giving out stickers for second vaccines (I’m guessing because they’re starting to feel a bit done with it now). I had to go up to a volunteer and ask ‘CAN I HAVE A STICKER PLEASE’ like a five-year-old haha! He said I could have two if I wanted, but frankly that would have been excessive. This one and Geth’s one will go in a discreet little frame on the wall at some point.

It feels like the beginning of the end at the moment. I’m back at parkrun every week, I’m travelling around a lot to see family, and I’ve even booked a couple of gigs for the autumn (OMG!). The numbers in the UK are giving me cautious optimism that we might be able to have the wonderful proper Christmas we couldn’t have last year, and Geth and I are talking about maybe being able to travel abroad again in 2022. Maybe by this time next year, things will be almost back to normal.

Normal sounds good. Good enough to be worth the rotten vaccine side effects I’m suffering this evening!

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